Hi, I’m Nick Lockwood and I am incredibly passionate about helping Men & Women shed the stubborn lbs of body fat, transform their bodies & build empowering confidence.

My coaching programs are highly reputable for helping many men and women cut through the cluster and confusion of dieting and get them to burn body fat, fall back in love with their bodies and make health and fitness an enjoyable part of their lives.

Say NO to bland and boring diets that rid the foods you love, hours of slogging away on a treadmill and wondering if you will ever get in shape.

Say YES to the foods you enjoy, going to all your social events, a workout plan that you look forward too, world class support and results that will last a lifetime.

With over 5 years experience as a personal trainer and a long list of happy clients, I want to help you be next.

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Premium 1-to-1 Personal training (Canary Wharf)


World Class Coaching, teaching you the correct techniques to workout safely and effectivly for your bodies needs.

Accountability to turn up to the gym and ensure you stay on track for your goals.

Nutrition coaching that shows you how to eat for fat loss without boring and bland, strict food rules.

Personalised nutrition plans to fit you, your lifestyle and your routine.

Daily advice about food choices, eating habits, and diet decisions.

Daily communication and support from a coach in your corner who cares.

Learn life-changing dieting information for long-term success.

Learn progressive techniques to go with your new found strength setting yourself up for continuous long term progress

Access to series of video trainings, workout libraries, recipe books, on the go food options and regularly updated knowledge on how to workout, eat and take control of your health and fitness.

The confidence to walk into the gym on your own and know exactly what you are doing.

Success Stories

Joe Usher

Joe Usher

Before I started with Nick I was stuck, out of shape and saw no from of progress.

Since I started with Nick I have lost 16 kilos, my injuries are much improved and I have seen significant development in strength and fitness.

For the first time, I am seeing continuous weight loss and I have improved knowledge about the meaning of effective nutrition & training. Nick is an excellent trainer!

Francis Callejon

Francis Callejon

Wow! if you had shown me this 3 months ago I would have said it was photoshop!

Joanna Galbraith

Joanna Galbraith

When I started with Nick, I suffered from tiredness, back pain and was out of shape

I look and feel better and stronger (at nearly 36) than I ever have done in my life.

Nick has kept me on track nutritionally and changed the way I cook and plan meals, he also encourages a healthy attitude to food. His approach is all about building this into your lifestyle! The workouts are fun yet challenging.

I couldn’t recommend Nick more highly. I now know how to be fit and strong and how to stay that way for hopefully the rest of my life.

Gary Whitelaw

Gary Whitelaw

Before starting with Nick I didn’t have a clue about how to set and achieve a goal. I didn’t know what I was eating and how it fuels my body, and more importantly, how to work it all into a sustainable lifestyle change.

Without a doubt, my initial goal has been far exceeded, and my body shape is now totally different to before. What makes Nick phenomenal at his job is not only that he is superb at physically pushing and training you to achieve your goals, but also (and perhaps of equal importance), he invests so much time in understanding your psychology and eating behaviours.

Without doubt, my initial goal has been far exceeded, and my body shape is now totally different to before, iv lost 8 Inches off my waist and feel so much more confident in all areas of my life.

Katie Rose

Katie Rose

I used to hate the gym, I only did cardio and never saw results, I always felt bloated and was conscious of what clothes I could wear. I am now confident to wear the clothes I never thought I could, I feel so much better in myself and have got the confidence to start a business!

James Bradley

James Bradley

Before I started working with Nick I struggled to stick to a diet, have the time to workout and just felt tired all the time.

I struggled with adapting to the social environment of all the office snacks and social pressure!

The results of working with Nick are in the photos, I lost a few kilos, am happy with the way I look and feel stronger and healthier than ever!

If you are thinking about working with Nick, stop thinking and do it.

Michael Mcgranahan

Michael Mcgranahan

When I started working with Nick I was out of shape, demotivated and didn’t know where to start. I’ve lost weight, I am stronger, I feel fitter. Everyone is saying how I look better, now I have more energy and it’s affecting my life outside the gym massively it just makes me happy.

Arianna Zanca

Ariana Zanca

I never used to have a clear work out plan for my sessions. I was performing a lot of different exercises but without any focused exercise regime.

Nick has helped me drop weight through an improved training plan that I love, his outside support and guidance with my diet has been incredibly useful!

The best part about working with Nick is seeing the results. I am now a lot more confident to go into the gym as I am following a training plan that I enjoy and fits around my lifestyle

I would recommend Nick because you can see that he cares about his clients and for them to get the best results.

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